Over 90%

...of the people on your social media will never buy from you or make you money. What if you could focus your time and energy on people of real value to your company? Well now you can.

Social media
Video platform
Payment gateway

We build Social Money Networks: high value communities that you own, monetise, engage and control as you see fit.

We help you

Build your community

Extract your value contacts from your social medias into your own Social Money Network.

Engage your network

Nurture and deliver global immersive services and engagements to your audience.

Monetise relationships

Monetise and create cross-selling opportunities across your network.

The technology

Our Social Money Networks are Smart Digital Community platforms complete with payment gateway, social media, video technology and marketplaces. Our technology includes:

GEO-specific social media

At the core Social Money Networks is a sophisticated community platform that allows you to engage with your audience globally in real time across time zones and languages

Intelligent auto-scheduler

Our intelligent self-scheduling allows customers to select and pay for slots that suit them from your diary, does the job of filling up your schedule whilst you sleep.

Secure video-commerce

Our intelligent video technology takes over as soon as your sessions are booked, ensuring you deliver immersive experiences with impeccable video and sound quality.

Marketing & referrals

Share your offerings not only on all social media channels, but also with your friends and family by making them your brand ambassadors to help you in selling through our referral program and/ or entice existing clients and customers with direct offers and discounts.

Built-in payments

Seamlessly take payments in 170 currencies from your customers anywhere in the world and allow them to pay using any credit or debit card locally available to them.

Rich media engagement

Stay in touch and interact directly with your customers, by texts, emojis, videos, audios, documents or photos and build your own customer community to continue to sell to them.

Every app you need

Imagine if you could combine the best of Facebook, LinkedIn, Calendly, Stripe, Zoom, Hootsuite, WhatsApp and peer-to-peer referrals into a seamlessly integrated proposition that gives your businesses the means to (1) be creative with your service offerings, (2) innovative with customer engagement, (3) maintain and nurture a long-terms relationship with your audience and (4) automate processes unique or critical to selling your offerings with great flexibility.

Adaptive landing page

Systematically define how your community and network is presented to customers to best engage their attention and convert them. You have immense flexibility in the design and identity of your community landing page.

Scalable at will

Whether your community is confined to one city or extends across the globe, operates in one or multiple time zones across various languages and culture, you will find Social Money Networks are designed to support you, and provide you details analytics of the activities and value each country contributes to your business.

Sociable with intent

Social Money Network offer social media-like engagement without the noise, distraction and external advertisements that compete with your audiences’ attention and the tools for you to control the narrative, filter out abuse and your community your brand ambassadors.

The sectors

Social Money Networks are autonomous digital communities with built-in capabilities for delivering paid sector-specific services and engagement in

UN Award For Connectivity

I awarded this company for their wonderful achievement and for their greatest support to telecom, but more importantly, for their expertise and their ways of connecting people and communities with their technologies and their solutions.

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