What the UN says

I was very impressed by their projects and by their business development… and how very hard they work for the better future of the planet with their intelligent contributions.


From health care delivery, to global warming, mental health, education, poverty, foods security or agriculture, we understand that virtually every challenge society faces today requires large scale collaboration and stakeholder engagement. That is why we build global collaborative networks to help you solve the challenges that no one can solve on their own.

Create social engagement
Engineer collective solutions
Demonstrate impact

What we do

We build Social Value Networks: high value communities that can contribute meaningful solutions, implement actions and effect positive change in society.



Our technology allows you to extract the key audiences from social media and other sources into a digital communities focused on achieving your goals without distraction.


At the core of our solution is our immersive on-demand video technology platform which allows unrestricted access to stakeholders on-demand.

Social Money Network


Digital communities allow you to involve partners in implementing the solutions you generated, evaluating actions taken and demonstrating impact to stakeholders across the globe.


Here are some examples of how we are currently deploying Social Vealue Networks across the globe. Here are a few.

E-health across Africa and the Middle East


Youth engagement festivals across Europe


Antenatal and postnatal support programmes in the UK


Female entrepreneurs mentoring in the US


Mental health support programmes in the UK


Womens' trade & export programme in Africa


Every app you need

Imagine if you could combine the best of Facebook, LinkedIn, Calendly, Stripe, Zoom, Hootsuite, WhatsApp and peer-to-peer referrals into a seamlessly integrated proposition that gives your businesses the means to (1) be creative with your service offerings, (2) innovative with customer engagement, (3) maintain and nurture a long-terms relationship with your audience and (4) automate processes unique or critical to selling your offerings with great flexibility.

Adaptive landing page

Systematically define how your community and network is presented to customers to best engage their attention and convert them. You have immense flexibility in the design and identity of your community landing page.

Scalable at will

Whether your community is confined to one city or extends across the globe, operates in one or multiple time zones across various languages and culture, you will find Social Money Networks are designed to support you, and provide you details analytics of the activities and value each country contributes to your business.

Sociable with intent

Social Money Network offer social media-like engagement without the noise, distraction and external advertisements that compete with your audiences’ attention and the tools for you to control the narrative, filter out abuse and your community your brand ambassadors.

UN Award For Connectivity

I awarded this company for their wonderful achievement and for their greatest support to telecom, but more importantly, for their expertise and their ways of connecting people and communities with their technologies and their solutions.

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